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As my client's accountant, I have been appointed as the executor of her will. In order to settle my clients' estate I need someone to project manage the disbursement of the household chattels and distribution of a number of bequeathed items. I am busy on a number of projects and don't have time to oversee everything that happens, but I need to be kept informed of what is happening. Can you guarantee this will happen?

While establishing the "scope of works" with you we will develop a reporting system suitable to your needs. This may include a timeline chart, catalogue of assets above a certain value (with or without photos), item disposal methods, item sale methods and quotes for external services such as garden clearing and cleaning of the property if required. It may be as simple as regular emails updating you on our progress.

As part of your estate clearance can you locate items reportedly hidden within the property?

If we have a list of items that need to be located, "White Light Solutions" will consciously strive to locate them as part of our clearance procedure. Even items not listed but thought to be of sentimental or monetary value will be reported to you as part of our service.

My company is based in North Queensland but our clients' property is in Brisbane. Do you offer a service whereby we can communicate remotely?

Our initial consultation can be by phone and then your instructions and any further communications can be undertaken by email or telephone. Our reporting can be tailored to meet your needs so you are kept up to date with the clearance process.

What sort of cost am I looking at for your services?

No two homes are the same and different people require different services. An estimate can be given at our initial free consultation where we can discuss your needs to gain an insight into your requirements. From there we can send you a "scope of works" with an estimate for the costs based on our level of involvement, the property and contents size and the time required.

My client kept a large number of documents which are no longer required but I don't want to see them just carelessly thrown out. Can you ensure this won't happen?

Yes. Whilst commercial shredding companies don't normally undertake domestic work, we can shred documents on your behalf. Just advise us of whether or not you require a certificate of destruction and we will determine the best method of disposal.

My mother had a lifetime of household possessions that are small and of little individual value, but I thought maybe a garage sale would help generate some extra money. Can you run a garage sale for me?

Our experience has shown that the cost of preparing items for sale, advertising, and running a garage sale seldom covers the cost of our time and is not the best way of clearing the estate. We have a number of second hand dealers who can be commissioned as part of the clearance process.

What insurance do you carry?

We carry public liability insurance but are not insured against the loss of the estates property. This remains the responsibility of the executor. We strive to ensure all property is disposed of under the instructions of the executor or family involved. All care is taken to ensure that items being kept are adequately protected from damage, however "White Light Solutions" accepts no responsibility or liability for loss or damage during the clearance process.

Mum can't cope with the size of our family home and our family has convinced her to move into a retirement village. We have found a great assisted retirement village at the northern end of the Gold Coast, but I live in Gympie and just don't have the time to help her pack. I can spend a couple of days helping but need someone to complete the packing and to get rid of years of hoarding. Is this something you do?

Absolutely. If you can help your mum decide what items are most important to her and need to move with her, we will take care of everything else. Your mum can be as involved as she wants and she is welcome to participate in the packing of personal items and clothing.

I like the sound of the services you offer but want a say in what is kept and what is sold or destroyed. Is this possible.

"White Light Solutions" offer a cataloguing service and will send you a list of the major items within the home. You can decide what is to be kept or even distributed to other family members. We can pack and send items wherever you need us to.

My dad is moving into a small 2 bedroom apartment. He has some furniture and a new TV he wants to take with him. Can you advise us whether the furniture he wants will fit into his new unit?

One of our many services includes the measuring and evaluation of a clients new home to ensure that furniture and other items that your dad wants to keep will fit while still allowing easy access.

My parents are set in their ways and are becoming stressed by the thought of having to work out what to keep and what to get rid of when they move. How can you help with keep their stress levels down?

As part of our initial consultation "White Light Solutions" will talk through the process and try to establish a timeframe that will enable us to complete our work without burdening your parents. Sometimes the process of moving needs to be undertaken over a longer period of time, sometimes it can happen quite quickly. Everyone is different and we endeavor to tailor our services to ensure the wellbeing of our clients.

I live in Tamworth and my dad is in Surfers Paradise. He is now unable to look after himself so next month he will be coming to live with us. I can't get up to help pack and he lives on the 10th floor of an apartment building. Can you pack his things and send them to us? I don't have a big house so a lot of his passions will need to be disposed of. Do you do this sort of thing?

Yes. Our initial telephone consultation will be followed by an evaluation of the apartment and possessions. We will then discuss our findings with you, come up with a plan, catalogue items over a set value and get that list to you. You and your dad can then decide what items need to be shipped to you and how we will dispose of everything else. You can make as many of the decisions you want or leave it to us. We will then set up a timeline to work to and give you regular feedback on the progress.

Do you only relocate seniors?

No. We have helped several executives who have had to move at very short notice. We can arrange packing and shipping of household contents nationally and internationally.

Dad can no longer drive and now he lives with us so I take him where ever he needs to go. As part of his possessions there are 2 vintage cars. Can you help with selling these items?

One of our many contacts is a licensed motor vehicle dealer and we have utilised his services from time to time to dispose of motor vehicles.

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